Go Green Project

Go Green Project

Although green entrepreneurship provides many advantages to the SMEs there is only limited number of enterprises who have been able to follow the trend towards growing concern for the environment. Indeed the surveys show that only 1% of the SMEs use alternative energy sources. This can be justified as:

  • The majority of entrepreneurs have poor knowledge in the field of green entrepreneurship.
  • There is a lack of wide range organized awareness raising campaigns.
  • There is limited access to information and relevant training material.

In response to the limited, or lack of, environmental business support, the project focuses on the delivery of a personalized “Green Training Programme”, aiming to improve the knowledge and the skills of entrepreneurs and professionals related to the effective introduction and management of green business practices.

One of the basic aims is to attract small to medium sized enterprises that will realize the importance of “green” business as a critical factor for their competitiveness and growth. These SMEs shall be voluntarily involved in almost all the lifetime of the project and they will acquire a unique experience and know how to do business in “Green”. The project plans to involve a large number of SMEs for the conduct of the training needs surveys and invite them to participate to the Pilot Training. The GoGreen project will focus to various SMEs from various sectors willing to transform their business to Green Entrepreneurship.